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Switch business energy deals? It’s free and saves money.

Many businesses don’t switch business energy contracts. Companies move into premises and on many occasions pay the energy bills (possibly on expensive out of contract rates?) and don’t search for better business energy deals and switch business energy. Sometimes companies will switch business energy deals, but have since rolled over and auto renewed onto a not so great business energy deal. Let’s face it, if your business solely relied on saving money on your energy bills (unless you’re in Bitcoin mining!) then you don’t really have a business. That said, all decent business owners and managers will agree that there’s no point throwing money away if there’s a better way with next to zero effort. Energy brokers help companies to switch business energy deals without the need to do much at all, but why aren’t more businesses switching their energy deals?

The question is, have the aggressive tactics of some energy suppliers and energy brokers turned businesses off from looking to switch business energy contracts? How many times have you had a call in the middle of your business day offering to switch business energy deals? Occasionally, these calls come at the perfect time and are actually helpful, but in the main it’s the last thing on your mind and just gets in the way of your important work.

Sometimes when a message is pushed too hard, people go the other way. I think back to when I was a child playing outside the house, it was drilled into me not to go past the lamppost at the end of the road, what do you think happened next? Yep, I was grounded! As business owners, we push boundaries and tend to go the opposite way in which we’re told. It’s in our make up.

For more information on how you can protect against too many cold calls, please visit the ICO website for more information – click here.

With that in mind I feel it’s much more important to be available as and when needed, so that a business who wants to save money on their business energy can chose to do so, whenever it is convenient with little or no interaction from that point forwards.

Our promise to all of our customers and prospective customers is just to be excellent when you need us, but never force the message where it’s not required. We hope that you like the way we do business and tell your friends.

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Working from home is no longer ‘small time’

Working from home suits many start ups and single person businesses. Why take the overhead of an office? Especially if you’re out visiting clients and customers all the time? Working from home is awesome, especially if it means you can balance work with seeing family, doing the school run and generally having flexibility in your life. There may well be a time in your business to move for a serviced office or conventionally leased office space, but in the mean time make the most of your low overheads, flexibility and freedom of working from home whilst you’re building your business.

Typically, the downside has been that your business will always ‘look small’ which can sometimes put off prospective customers. No matter how good the proposition is, if it’s obvious that the business is ‘just you’ then concerns will always be raised on continuity of service in emergencies, or holidays etc. Some just feel much more comfortable dealing with businesses which have a physical presence and back up. In addition, if a client has a relationship with your voicemail instead of a human being, there’s a negative perception straight away.

With the age of the modern digital era, it’s now much easier for to work from home and still enjoy the benefits of services typically associated with a larger office set up and you can have these services as part of your business for very little cost, providing back up to your busy schedule.

Here are just a few of the services which people typically take on when they work from home:

  1. Virtual Office – Who wants to put their home address on their website? It looks unprofessional and there are associated safety risks. A virtual office enables you to have a professional business address to register your Ltd business, receive mail, use the address on all of your marketing literature and most good quality providers (like us!) will have meeting rooms on site to hire on demand.
  2. Virtual PA – Missing calls is an expensive business to any small company. Who knows when that call was ‘the’ call with the big order. A virtual PA service enables you to overflow your calls to a team of people who will answer the phone as your business name, take messages and pass them on to you via email to call back. More advanced services such as ours will also come with telecoms infrastructure such as landline numbers, the ability to have time of day settings and voicemail to email.
  3. Meeting Room Hire – As mentioned above, one great option when you have a virtual office is that you can still meet your clients on site. A good virtual office provide will already be a functioning serviced office provider which offices and meeting rooms on site. Meeting your clients at your business address is perfect for continuity and at our locations, your clients will always be greeted by our receptionist, offered refreshments and shown to your meeting room.
  4. Admin services – If you have ad hoc tasks which need completing then is your time best spent on this or bringing in new business? Yep, you guessed it! You could be the most expensive admin person ever to grace a small business. For fair hourly rates, you’ll be able to outsource your admin tasks which enables you to get on with building your empire.
  5. Ability to grow – because of the above service provision, if the time comes where a physical office is the right thing for you then it’s really easy to transition into a new office providing the above provision is all under one roof. There are separate companies out there who will provide each of those services, but if you can, it’s wise to keep it all under one roof for ultimate business continuity.

We hope that this has been useful to you and if you’d like to know more, please feel free to drop us a line!


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